Embrace Spring: Hiking Trails in Northeastern Wisconsin

Make the most of the spring temperatures as our Wisconsin winter comes to a close! Northeastern Wisconsin, with its picturesque parks and charming communities, is a great destination for those wanting to take advantage of the changing seasons. In this blog, we'll discover many of the hiking trails throughout the Northeastern Wisconsin region that are utilized by both residents and visitors. Let's dive into why relocating, working, and playing in Wisconsin is a no brainer!

Northeastern Wisconsin Hiking Guide

Discovering Northeastern Wisconsin

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, Northeastern Wisconsin offers a blend of "Midwest nice" and urban conveniences. Cities within the Northeastern Wisconsin region include Green Bay, De Pere, Appleton, OshkoshKaukauna, and Kimberly, just to name a few. If you're a current Wisconsin resident and looking to make a move, or from out of state and interested in learning more about the area - don't hesitate to reach out to our awesome team of relators at Dallaire Realty! Contact us to discover Wisconsin homes for sale and for your home selling needs.

Why Move to Wisconsin?

Quality of Life

The state of Wisconsin consistently ranks among the top states for quality of life. The affordable cost of living, excellent healthcare, and low crime rates all aid to the high rating. Also a great amenity that aids to Northeast Wisconsin's quality of life is our fantastic waterways. In the heart of the region, Lake Winnebago is well known as the largest inland lake in the country. Other wonderful waterways include Lake Poygan, Lake Butte des Morts, Shawano Lake, as well as most of the state of Wisconsin is boarding Lake Michigan. Our water systems provide access to recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and swimming in the summer months. Throughout the winter, the lake is still highly visited by ice fisherman, ice boaters, and snowmobilers. Not to mention the insane amount of great waterfront restaurants and businesses lining our wonderful shores! Whether you're looking for the perfect place to raise a family or looking for a new change of pace, Wisconsin offers great communities to call home.

Outdoor Recreation Northeastern WI

Expanding Job Market

Wisconsin's incredibly diverse economy presents residents with a numerous amount of employment opportunities. With a highly skilled workforce in industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and technology, Wisconsin boasts tremendous innovation and entrepreneurship endeavors.

Wisconsin Hiking Trails

Wisconsin welcomes all four seasons, which brings a wide range of outdoor recreation opportunities. As spring weather meets Wisconsin early this year, many residents and visitors are looking for ways to stay active and enjoy the warmer temperatures. We've compiled a list of walking and hiking trails within the Northeast Wisconsin region that are worth paying a visit to!

Menominee Park and Zoo

Located within the city of Oshkosh, Menominee Park and Zoo sits along the shores of Lake Winnebago and provides an outdoor oasis to many. Whether you're a family looking for an open playground to enjoy, a group of friends interested in playing an outdoor sport, or simply looking for a walking path for a solo stroll - Menominee Park has it all. Although the zoo doesn't open closer to the summer months, enjoy the winding paths that border the lake shore, pickleball and tennis nets, sand volleyball courts, and many picnic and shelter areas. 

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Green Bay, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary spans 700 acres and offers five miles of walking, hiking, and cross-country ski trails. This year-round attraction offers a wide range of trail lengths. Enjoy the Raccoon Trail, which is a 1.13 mile trail that goes through wetlands. Looking for a shorter trip? Explore the nature center and take a short .17 mile hike along the Chipmunk Trail. This easily accessible sanctuary is open daily allowing hikers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of Wisconsin wildlife.

High Cliff State Park

One of the only state-owned parks on Lake Winnebago, High Cliff State Park in Sherwood, Wisconsin captivates visitors near and far with its panoramic views and limestone cliffs. With 4 marked trails throughout the park, High Cliff offers different levels of challenge to visitors. Explore limestone caves, woodlands, and scenic overlooks along miles of hiking and biking trails. Enjoy paved trails, a 40 foot observation tower, and dog friendly paths. This state park is open year-round from 6am - 11pm.

Wiouwash State Trail

Located within four different Northeastern Wisconsin counties, the Wiouwash State Trail is a popular trail spanning over 40 miles. This year-round trail offers hikers, bikers, and dog walkers a level grade, limestone surface to enjoy. Did you know the Wiouwash State Trail is utilized by horses too? Two segments on the trail corridor are available to horses. Along the Southern segment of the trail, from Hortonville to Oshkosh, be sure to stop at Bare Bones Brewery or Fox River Brewing Company for a craft brew break!

Riverwalk Pathways

With the Fox River winding through many Northeast Wisconsin communities, hikers can enjoy the river views while taking a stroll along the river. Beginning in downtown Green Bay, the Fox River State Trail stretches 25 miles along a former rail route. Within the city of Oshkosh, visitors and residents enjoy the expanding Oshkosh Riverwalk, which lines both sides of the Fox River. Take a stroll along the river walk, explore the public docks, venture into Downtown Oshkosh, and even stop for a bite to eat at one of the waterfront dining options.

Wisconsin Trail Guide

Work and Play in Wisconsin

Beyond its beauty and recreational offerings, Wisconsin is known for its great education systems, leisurely activities, and housing opportunities. With a diverse array of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and technology, the state offers great job opportunities and career advancement efforts. If you're interested in relocating to the region, we'd love to share more about the great restaurants within the area, local events, and things to do year-round. Please reach out to our awesome team of relators at Dallaire Realty!

As spring brings fresh flowers and warmer temperatures, Northeastern Wisconsin holds adventurers to explore its scenic views and embrace outdoor recreation. Explore hiking trails that accommodate all skill levels and interests. Lastly, Wisconsin's welcoming communities, thriving economy, and endless outdoor opportunities make the state a compelling destination to live, work, and play. Grab your hiking boots and discover the wonders of Northeastern Wisconsin this spring!

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