This Wisconsin VA Loan Expert Shares His Tips for Getting a VA Home Loan

This Wisconsin VA Loan Expert Shares His Tips for Getting a VA Home Loan

We're excited to have a mortgage purchase expert on our podcast today.    We're talking with Nick Wurzer from Nations Lending, based out of Green Bay, WI.  If you are looking for a mortgage in Northeastern Wisconsin, Nick Wurzer from Nations Lending can help. 

Why VA Loans are outstanding for veterans

Our nation's true heroes are our military members who put everything on the line for our freedom.    One of the big benefits that our military members receive is a VA loan.     There are many benefits that our veterans receive, and one of the best ones is being able to purchase a home with VA Loan.   

So what makes a VA Loan such a great benefit?    First, the down payment requirements for a VA loan allow home purchasers to buy a home with zero down.    VA Loans don't have private mortgage insurance, which is an expensive part of home-buying if you have less than twenty percent down.    This equates to easily a couple of hundred dollars in saving on the monthly mortgage payment.  If you think because you have credit issues that, you won't be able to qualify for a VA loan, you might be really surprised.   Nick Wurzer from Nations Lending shared that the VA is open to looking a credit score scenarios as low as 500.   

VA Home Loans in Green Bay, WI

We've worked with mortgage companies all over the country that help our veterans.   I will tell you from personal experience that it is nice to have someone local that you can meet within the office.    Nick Wurzer from Nations Lending is based at 3019 Holmgren Way, Suite 202. Green Bay, WI 54304.   Nations Lending is supporting our veterans by offering a considerable saving from the lender fee, which will save home buyers in the Green Bay area thousands of potential dollars. 

If you are considering purchasing a home in Brown County and you've served or are currently serving in the Military, let's set up a time to talk about your options for home ownership.   

Dallaire Realty and Nations Lending, thank you for your service. 

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